Music & Depression

For majority of my life I have suffered with depression and anxiety and inevitably, PTSD. Medication helps but there are still days when my demons take control and my skies cloud over. When those days hit, I retreat within myself – a form of self-preservation if you will – and try to find a small glimmer of light in that overwhelming darkness. This is when I need my music the most. Not just any music though. For me, the words need to have a deeper meaning, give me goosebumps, make me feel – something – anything…

So, with that in mind, I wanted to share with you my top ten go to songs that guide me through the darkness and back into the light no matter how deep in the abyss I’ve fallen. These are the song’s that lift me up and inspire me to keep going. And, hopefully, in sharing these, will be able to help someone who may be on a similar path. If I can help light the way for another lost soul then I am more than willing to share my journey with everyone in order to do so. Without further ado, in reverse order, here are my soul songs as I like to call them!











Remember loves, keep on keeping on! Always keep fighting because you are worth it! And if you’re at the stage where you don’t believe that then please reach out to someone for help!

Love & Light



Banoffee Love

Banoffee Love is a clean contemporary romance that features yummy donuts, sweet romance, Frank Sinatra music and a whole lot of feels.

Banoffee Love (The Donut Shop Series)

Book 2 in The Pine View, Massachusetts Series

Cover Design: Fiery Graphics

Publisher: Fiery Vision Publishing

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Pippa Langford’s one weakness in life is donuts, specifically, banoffee donuts. So, when her favorite bakery comes under new management, she goes head to head with the man denying her the pleasure she craves. Little does she know that he can offer her a whole lot more than just banoffee donuts.

Blake Maddox has no idea what he’s gotten himself into when he agrees to take over his ailing aunts bakery. Even more so when he finds himself at the wrath of a gorgeous and feisty local who seems more interested in his dough making abilities than in him. If only there was some way Blake could convince Pippa that he was her true Banoffee Love.

Grayson Falls

*~*~* Are you a fan of paranormal romance? Sexy shifters? Hot witches and warlocks? Mysterious vampires? Ghosts? Then Grayson Falls is your next read! *~*~*

Model: Nathan Hainline

Cover Design: Francessca Wingfield Francessca’s PR & Designs

Publisher: Fiery Vision Publishing

The last thing Darcy Quinn expected when she stumbled upon Grayson Falls, was a town built from supernatural legacy, with mystical powers, that had become home to all things paranormal. 

On the run from her past, she discovers more than she’d bargained for when drop dead gorgeous Grayson rescues her and takes her into his home. As secrets are revealed, fate intervenes and legends of the past are brought to life, and Darcy’s purpose becomes evident.

Grayson Ashford is more than just the town Sheriff. He is not only responsible for the future of Grayson Falls, he also has a prophecy to fulfil. Regardless of how resistant he is to his fate, he cannot help but give his life, and his heart up to destiny when Darcy comes into his life. 

In a town where magic lives, the impossible is possible, and creatures of your wildest imagination roam free – two hearts and souls collide, drawn together by the inevitable, to discover a love worth dying for. 

Welcome to Grayson Falls…

Pineapple Crush

*^*^*Now Available in Kindle Unlimited*^*^*

Pineapple Crush is my first contemporary romance! I really enjoyed writing this story especially as it involves ice cream, 80’s music, and romance! If you’re a fan of sweet contemporary romance with a touch of heat, then you’ll love this book!

Cover Design: Fiery Graphics

Publisher: Fiery Vision Publishing

Ellie Dalton was in trouble, or rather, her business was. So, when her best friend suggests she hire a PR guy, Ellie knew she had nothing to lose. Except her heart.

Jude Cavanagh is good at his job. His job is to market people and their brands, but when he meets Ellie, all he wants to do is sell himself – to her.

Together they come up with a brilliant idea to inject some fun into her business and some cocktails into her ice-cream. Adventure, fun, romance and mayhem follow as Ellie and Jude are thrown together in a bid to save Pineapple Crush.

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Graveyard of Memories

Graveyard of Memories is my first novel. It is a post apocalyptic paranormal romance and a labor of love! If you enjoy stories of survival, romance and friendship with the occasional zombie thrown in for good measure then this one is for you!

If you’re after a post apocalyptic steamy paranormal romance with lots of action and characters that leave you needing more, then Graveyard of Memories is the book for you!

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Model: Nathan Hainline

Publisher: Fiery Vision Publishing

Cover Design: Gray Publishing Services

In a new world, brothers Drew and Tyson Hawkins find themselves facing more than just their inner demons.

Kate Reilly is a scientist with a secret that could get her killed – if the dead didn’t get her first.

In a world where the dead roam and life as it is has ceased to exist, a group of strangers band together in a fight for survival – determined to not let their world become a Graveyard of Memories.